Stripper Poles and Parking Tickets: Amelia Ryan's Storm in a D Cup


In FringeWorld’s latest addition of cabaret shows, Bombo native Amelia Ryan covers everything you need to know about her life full of calamities in the aptly titled ‘Storm in a D Cup’.  Watching Amelia melodically glide through stories of her gay father, transgender step-mother, her mother’s affair with the handyman and her string of hurricanes disguised as relationships, is entertaining and fantastical (in a how the hell does this all happen to one person kind of way).  Amelia has the perfect combination of strength, vulnerability, and humour, above all, crassness to pull this off.

She explained that the seed for this show was planted while she was studying at the Victorian College of the Arts. She had to devise a 15-minute cabaret show for class. After struggling for an idea, her lecturer highlighted that her life contained all the elements for an epic cabaret.  After writing ideas and notes into her phone for over 3 years, she finally decided to put the show out to the public. She found herself a venue, sold tickets to her show, and then wrote the cabaret in 6 weeks before curtain call- and yes, in that exact order.

Storm in a D Cup was born.

What is incredible about Storm in a D Cup is that the show I saw last weekend was one version of a series of shows. Amelia changes the show according to where she is in her life. With every failure and success, her show continues to evolve. That is as personal as it can get. When her mother saw the show for the first time, she was put on anti-depressants. Understandably, the content of this show is raw and unique. Accordingly, she co-won the 2012 Australian Cabaret Show Case. This provided her with the opportunity to tour Australia and take her show to New York City. 

Her show truly reflects the We Are Not Models narrative – we are all unique individuals living complicated and messy lives. She concluded by saying, “This is my truth. This is my story. If you can’t be liberated by your truth, you are only living in a shadow of yourself.”