WANM + Politix Menswear

Working as a lawyer requires me to wear a suit pretty much every day of the working week. Then, when I finally have some flexibility with my clothes, I end up having to go for cocktails or balls, and am required to don a blazer once again.  Accordingly, it’s fairly important to have a few staples (the classic black, navy, grey), as well as something with a bit more personality.


2015.05.02 - Vintage Chic-11.jpg

This past weekend We Are Not Models partnered with Politix Menswear to have a look at upcoming trends in suits, particularly for those nights you won’t remember. I tend to like high quality stylish tailored slim fit suits, usually with a slick bowtie and my bead necklace (thanks appa!). Textures are definitely the thing this season.