Alana Loves Rain

Before attending Studio 2 for the Alana Rodrigues Launch Party by DGPR, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I knew Kate Rodrigues designed the umbrellas and I was intrigued and excited to see how they would be presented. There is only so much you can do with an umbrella display. I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival. My eyes were darting across the room as bright beautiful umbrellas hung from the ceiling with strategically placed lighting, producing amazing shadows on the walls.

We Are Not Models had the opportunity to speak to Kate about the process she went through to create these beautiful pieces. Kate recalled the time last Christmas when she found herself struggling to find an umbrella to purchase for her friend living in London. She wanted something that was beautiful and structurally sound, but this proved to be a challenge. We’ve all been caught in a storm with an umbrella inverting in the wind and this was an experience that she wanted to avoid for her friend. Accordingly, the process of creating the Alana Rodrigues Umbrella line began.

Being a lawyer herself, she understood what it was like to be a corporate drone draped in grey scale. Accordingly, she wanted to create a line that brought personality and colour to her outfits. She found herself wearing bright orange handbags and colourful shoes, and wanted to extend this pop of colour to her umbrellas. Accordingly, she created a line that complements a neutral colour palette. Each umbrella evokes a different personality. Eden, a beautiful teal and green tinged umbrella draws feelings of nostalgia of beautiful fresh Sunday mornings in the garden. Harper, on the other hand, has a bohemian beach inspiration, reminding us of summer afternoons spent at Cottesloe. Each umbrella has a double canopy, two layers of fabric, which add to the durability of the umbrella. The outer layer has the seasonal patterns, whilst the inner layer has the signature Alana Rodrigues monogram pattern. The skeleton is made of fibreglass with a striped leather handle.

At the launch party, the umbrellas were being passed around to allow each of us to get a feel for the products. Everyone in attendance was stunned with the beauty of the umbrellas. Kate’s bubbly, pleasant and easy to approach personality made us fall in love with the line even more.

Kate has had a very diverse upbringing. Her father is Goan, her mother is Irish and her stepfamily is Chinese. This exposure to various cultures throughout her life has shaped her personality as well as her taste in style. The colours and patterns have been influenced by what she has seen through India and East Asia and intends on utilising some cultural themes in her upcoming collections. 

The launch party was incredible with a unique ambience. There were beautifully presented canapés being served whilst fashion bloggers, photographers, friends and family discussed their admiration for Kate’s designs. By the end of the night the ‘Alana Loves Rain’ campaign slogan was on everyone’s lips.

If you want to purchase any of these beautiful umbrellas, head over to and celebrate the rain like the summer sun.