Death Becomes Her

With Bella Hadid being the belle of the week, the Misha Collection presentation had the most hype. Unsurprisingly, a song about black female empowerment became the soundtrack for the sea of white girls parading down the runway, making it uncomfortably apparent that women of colour were not a consideration. The disconnect was palpable to everyone but the creative team behind the Misha Collection who clearly did not see any issues with tall white European bodies marching to the lyrics of “I like my baby heir with baby hair and afros, I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils."

This trend only continued with Zhivago showing beautiful garments worn by - surprise, more white girls, but walking to songs from one of Kanye’s most politically charged albums – Yeezus. Death becomes her was the theme for the new collection executed in the garments with strong geometrical shapes and lines. The intention of theme was to show the narcisstic nature of the fashion industry, and it's pretty clear Zhivago succeeded.