Fuck Trump!

Fuck Trump! Hug your non-white friends your LGBT friends, your muslim friends, your female friends.

"More than anything, Trump promises a restoration of white authority. After eight years of a black president - after eight years in which cosmopolitan America asserted its power and its influence, eight years in which women leaned in and blacks declared that their lives mattered - millions of white Americans said enough. T hey had their fill of this world and wanted the old one back. And although it's tempting to treat this as a function of some colorblind anti-elitism, that cannot explain the unity of white voters in this election. Trump didn't just win working-class whites - he won the college-educated and the affluent. He even won young whites. Seventeen months after he announced his candidacy, millions of white Americans flocked to the ballot box to put Trump into the White House. And they do so as a white Herrenvolk, racialized and radicalized by Trump. Trump forged a politics of white tribalism, and white people embraced it." - Jamelle Bouie for Slate