Why Pauline Hanson?

Model wears the Hanson Crop in size medium

Model wears the Hanson Crop in size medium

We were wondering whether we should write a statement justifying why this T-shirt exists and the aggressive stance it takes against Pauline Hanson and the one nation party. Whilst we always enjoy healthy debate and nutting out nuanced views, it’s become increasingly exhausting having to justify the humanity of indigenous/brown/queer/muslim lives at every juncture, and to be frank, having to argue with the tailbone of the political spectrum, a part of #auspol that serves no purpose in modern day Australia. Pauline Hanson represents and symbolises everything that is antithetical to the Australian Values Statement that many of us have embodied since immigrating to this incredible country.

However, how do you reason your humanity and explain to someone why they should respect you and treat you with dignity? In these circumstances, a simple F#ck Pauline Hanson Fashion statement is necessary. Of course, Pauline Hanson is only a representative of the wider problem of opportunist political xenophobes fear mongering and so in saying F#ck you to her, we say F#ck you to them all.

In order for Australia to live up to its promise and democratic values, bigotry of all kids must be rejected. We must not only condemn these actions, but also work tirelessly to put an end to racism and bigotry that is often disguised as patriotism.

Some of you may say, ‘Why are you stooping to her level? Why fight hate with hate?’ ‘You are becoming the hate that you opposed so much.’

It is disingenuous to treat all hate (if you can even call it that) as though it were equal. Not all ‘hate’ can be viewed equally or even be considered hate. A queer person who is beaten at a bus stop ‘hates’ their abuser for how they were treated. Their feelings are rational and are concerned with their self preservation. The abuser hates the queer person for existing as a queer person. The abuser’s feelings are irrational and arise out of a desire to exterminate/oppress minorities. We cannot treat the ‘hate’ of the victims the same as the hatred they face. That is belittling their experiences and silencing their (justified) reactions.

Pauline Hanson’s political views and behaviour include this, this and this. It’s disgusting, uninformed, and embarrassing.

If we refuse to buy what she is selling – her ideas, her perception of people, and her notion of humanity, another Australia is possible.