The Last Knitting Mill - Blair Archibald

After seeing what Blair Archibald produced for the the 2018 Woolmark Prize competition, being able to bask in the glory of Season Six - The Last Knitting Mill, Archibald’s resort collection, was edifying.

BA 1.jpg

“There were so many ideas that I had while conceptualizing the Woolmark capsule”, Archibald says. “I wanted this collection to signify the time that I’ve spent since perfecting the cut of my jackets. The majority of my work is quite soft in the shoulders; it’s quite relaxed and oversized. I still have elements of that in the range but I wanted it to have a slightly more sartorial aesthetic.”


Archibald personally constructs all of the samples himself, creating each piece with a level of finesse that speaks to a greater interest in process and detail. Rather than focusing on a singular point of inspiration for fear of “marginalizing” the collection, Archibald says he rather prefers to hone in on the construction and detailing. There are clear military references that materialise via the inclusion of metal hardware and flight jacket silhouettes. Many pieces within the collection were, as Archibald says, left intentionally genderless. Rather than calling it a unisex brand, Archibald worked with stylist and casting director Jana Bartolo on achieving a balance of male models in menswear looks and women wearing the same looks to challenge masculine archetypes and give access and a voice to a “certain type of woman and an attitude that can adapt to these garments.”