WE Are not models because fashion said we couldn't be.


so fuck fashion.



Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat. 

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Sex is in, Love your clit. 


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Equality and justice are not naturally produced through the passage of time; they must be procured through hard work and determination. We Are Not Models is about writing yourself into existence and reshaping the world in your image - not for hetero-normative, rich, white people, but for yourself. We strive to bring people together to share knowledge and experience, find solidarity and make voices heard. If you are weird, excited, opinionated, loud, emotional and brave, check this space to find places to connect, share knowledge and make your voices heard. 




Community Action Against Homophobia is hosting a rally for Marriage Equality on 10 September 2017 at 1pm. The Rally will be at Town Hall in Sydney NSW. Rock up and make your voices heard!


Shame on the Turnbull Government! The majority wanted marriage equality passed years ago! Instead they've handed us a shambolic postal plebiscite to delay and obstruct our rights even further!

We must get out the vote for equality and demonstrate our contempt for the Coalition in the streets. Make sure you and your friends are enrolled to vote, and get down to the Sydney rally!

Our government is cracking apart and cracking up over marriage equality. Come out to reject all games, delays, excuses and bigotry. YES to marriage equality!"





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